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Scrub Daddy Scrub MommySponge Daddyvariety 6 Pack KHDOQEJSB



Availability: In Stock

1 - Scrub Daddy, 4- Sponge Daddy 1-Scrub MommyWe can hep you all around your Home! with this great Variety Pack 6 counts in totalThere's nothing else like me. Hold me with fingertips to zip thru cleanup in the kitchen, bath, everywhere.SOFT in warm water for gentle cleansing and FIRM in cool water for coarse scrubbingI rinse clean and won't cling to debris so I stay clean, bright and smell great after weeks of use.

SCRUB, FLIP. WIPE! The Scrub Daddy is made by the same people who brought you The Edge 2000 buffing pads. You could say they are experts on foam. This particular foam has a porous texture that is ideal for scrubbing, yet it's gentle on your skin. The foam softens when wet but still packs enough scrubbing power to remove the brake dust and motor oil from your hands (and it actually feels better on your hands than some of those harsh hand cleaners that you might have in the garage). The Scrub Daddy is round with a smooth side and a zigzag side. The smooth side is for general hand-washing. The zigzag side works well to clean under your fingernails. The finger holes clean dirty fingertips in no time at all. Just because you've been detailing all day, that doesn't mean you have to look like it! The Scrub Daddy by The Edge is the easy way to scrub greasy hands clean. Sponge Daddy, Cleans More Surface Area & Retains More Water, Flex Texture Changes Texture With Water Temperature, Super Soft Resofoam Provides A Velvety Smooth Texture, Made Of A Unique, Exclusive & Highly Engineered Polymer, Suds Generating Material Creates More Soap & Suds With Less Need For Detergent. Scrub Mommy combines smile face ergonomics and dual sided design Similar to our popular product Sponge Daddy, but bigger and fabricated in our patented smile face design! A triple threat, this one of a kind sponge combines our thirsty ResoFoam married to our versatile FlexTexture material. Scratch free FlexTexture side changes texture based on your water temperature. It firms in cold water for tough scrubbing and becomes soft in warm water for light cleaning. The Soft ResoFoam side is 6x more absorbent than the leading brand. Suds-generating properties mean you can achieve a rich lather with little soap. This all purpose sponge is available in both pink and purple colors.

Scrub Daddy Scrub MommySponge Daddyvariety 6 Pack KHDOQEJSB

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