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GROUTENATOR Custom Fit Bags -100 Count HPAIWARVV



Availability: In Stock


CUSTOM FIT BAGS FOR GROUTENATOR Quart size GROUT INJECTION SYSTEM The Groutenator - for medium to large sized projects! The Bladder or Bag design inhibits setup of the Grout mix and ensures no water loss while compressing. The Groutenator's deposable bag System traps the water insuring product flow and in the process keeps your tube clean. Just pop out the bag when spent with only the removable tip to wash. Grout lines as tight as 1/8 can be achieved with the Reducing Cap. For larger product flow applications like Mortar remove Reducing Cap for full 3/8 output. Use in Standard Quart size Caulk Gun. When ready to use, puncture the Bag from the Tip to allow Grout flow. Working time will depend on the consistency of your mix. The wetter the consistency of your mix, the easier it will be to apply. An example of this would be a thick milkshake consistency. Once the Groutenator is loaded into a Caulk Gun, test an easy to get to area to develop a feel for the pressure needed to expel the proper amount of Grout into the Gap size needed. Hold the Gun at a 90 degrees angle to the Tile and apply slight pressure of the Rubber Tip into the Gap area. Drag the Tip while dispensing the Grout as you go along. A back and forth motion may perform better for dryer mixes. After completing use a damp rag or sponge to smooth over Grout and remove any excess when necessary. When complete pop out the bag. The Tube will stay clean with only the Tip to be washed off. Re-usable no mess system. Targets Grout “only” into the cracks! Results Fast and Clean!

GROUTENATOR Custom Fit Bags -100 Count HPAIWARVV

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